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We've been living, working and worshiping right here in East Texas since the automatic transmission first appeared in cars. 

Truman H. Dunn was a mechanic at Camp Fannin during World War II. While he was working for the Army, he learned about a new concept just released on new cars: the automatic transmission. Mr. Dunn opened a small garage at his home and spent his time off from the Army working on cars. 

When the war was over, Mr. Dunn began to specialize in the still-new automatic transmission, calling his business Dunn's Transmission Shop. In the '50s, Mr. Dunn bought a lot on Gaston Street and moved his repair business to our current location.

Ewell Dickerson, a long-time employee, bought Dunn Transmissions around 1970. Under his ownership, the shop continued to grow  through the years to include the entire 1400 block of West Erwin and to employ many East Texans.

Our new owner/manager is Roscoe Dickerson, Ewell's nephew, who has worked at the shop since he was in high school in the '80s. Roscoe is committed to continuing the tradition of honest, ethical and professional business practices that Dunn Transmissions is known for.

Our mission statement: "Provide quality transmission services at competitive prices while maintaining our exceptional reputation throughout East Texas."